Highway Express LLC

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About Company

Company Name: Highway Express LLC

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Type: Long-Haul Trucking

Company Services: Provides reliable transportation services across the United States, specializing in long-haul freight delivery.

Fleet Size: 100 Tractor-Trailer Units

Coverage Area: Nationwide

Specializations: Flatbed, Dry Van, Refrigerated

Additional Services: Dedicated Freight, Intermodal Transportation

Equipment: Well-maintained fleet of modern trucks and trailers equipped with advanced technology for safety and efficiency.

Safety Record: Excellent safety rating with a focus on driver training and compliance with industry regulations.

Benefits for Drivers: Competitive pay, health insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, and incentives for safe driving.

Hiring Criteria: Seeks experienced drivers with clean driving records and strong work ethics, prioritizes safety and reliability in hiring decisions.

Company Culture: Committed to fostering a positive and supportive work environment, values teamwork, integrity, and professionalism.